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First Gig of the Year, 1/31/2013

Posted on January 31, 2013 with 0 comments
Just 6 real degrees out (not factoring in windchill) and I'm watching the snow from 2 nights ago blowing across the road as I leave Mabel Rose Estates in Papillion. Good gig there this afternoon; about 30 folks and several face-to-face appreciative comments afterward. Played a "love themed" set plus a couple of winter songs (Leavin' Lincolntown and the chorus to the Please Help Me I'm Fallin' parody I wrote last night coming back from the jam @ MN&N). Got a couple of really good photos of me playing today, too, thanks to Amanda from the Activities department. My first scheduled gig this month (and the only other one I'd booked for January) was cancelled due to a GI bug quarrenteen on the unit. Will use this set for February as well. Need to make some calls and get more gigs booked for next month or get the word out and set up a few singing valentine deliveries. Have agreed to do the volunteer thing and do some of the singing telegrams @ Douglas County Health Center (where Momma is) [...]
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